You Should Build an Email List: 5 Best Ways to Capture Leads on Your Blog

One of the first things you hear about when you start a blog is that you need to start collecting emails. We’re breaking down how to build an email list and collect leads on your blog for new bloggers.

Setting up a simple email opt-in form in the early stages of building your blog is absolutely essential.  This will become your main income source in year 2 of blogging

You need people to see your products and affiliate links, and those people will be targeted through e-mail marketing.

For Email marketing to work you need a list large enough and a sequence of e-mails that will entice someone to take action.  Most people don’t respond to the first offer but many do after the 3rd time you ask them.  It’s buyers psychology, and I am going to give you a crash course.

This means that you need to turn as much of this traffic into leads as possible. BUT there is absolutely some right ways and some wrong ways to do this.

Why an Email List is Important


Email Lists Build Trust With Your Audience

The first reason can be entirely summed up in one word:  Influence

You need to be seen as an influencer to the subscribers to your list and you do that by slowly gaining trust with them.  With trust will come influence and with influence comes sales.

The trust that is built in this funnel is what pushes people off the fence and causes them to make that purchase.

Email List Provides You with DATA

At first, you create a product based on what we assumed our audience was interested in.

Your list will provide feedback that will let you know if they are actually interested in the product

This feedback is incredibly valuable throughout the stages of starting your blog through monetizing it.

The Email List will become Your Most Valuable Tool

Social media algorithms change all the time. But here’s the deal, once you have the list and trust you can survive these changes.

That means that if your Pinterest traffic disappeared, you can still make money off the list.

A lot of our newbie blogger clients start searching for plugins to add an email opt-in on their blog, but they haven’t actually signed up for an email marketing service yet.

When you download a plugin to capture a lead, it will ask you to connect your email marketing service to the plugin so that it can automatically transfer the email addresses that it collects straight to your email marketing account.

The two most common are Convertkit and MailChimp

Email Marketing Software

This will probably be one of your largest expenses in the beginning if you go with Convertkit.  But it is worth it in my opinion.  A few months from now you don’t want to worry about trying to move all your subscribers over to a new platform

It’s something that you need to invest in because it will be your most valuable asset as a blogger.

The number one software that we personally use and recommend for email marketing is Convertkit.

We have settled on them after previously trying MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, AWeber, and more.

The number one reason why we love them so much is the ability to edit all of your emails in one screen. The features are so easy to use and save us tremendous amounts of time.

The most basic plan starts out at $29/month, and that will get you through your first 1,000 subscribers. It’s plenty enough for a newbie blogger.

Scroll Captures

Scroll captures are one of the most effective ways to capture leads without upsetting your readers too much. We personally used them on both of our blogs before we had banners custom coded.

When a reader lands on your blog post, a screen will essentially scroll down with your opt-in on it. The reader can either opt-in or simply continue scrolling down the page to make the scrolling capture disappear.

There is also usually a little arrow that the reader can click as well to make it disappear.

     Banners for Opt-Ins

This is by far our favorite option, but we didn’t list it as #1 because we know that it won’t be a viable option for many bloggers. They are currently what we use on both of our blogs.

The difficult part of banner opt-ins is the custom coding required to get them to work.

Some blog themes may allow you to do this within the theme and without additional coding, but none of the themes that we have ever used have had this feature.

If you have a website designer or can code yourself, this is a really great option to capture leads and keep your website looking beautiful!

Inline-Text Forms

In-text forms can be created with the help of plugins. ConvertKit has a free plugin that you can download to add simple forms inside of your blog posts.

These are probably the least effective at getting opt-ins, but doesn’t affect the user experience much,

They are still helpful though because the people that do bother to stop and put in their email address are going to be very interested in the content.

The nice part about WordPress and ConvertKit is shortcodes.  When you create the form on ConvertKit.  It will give you the code you can just paste into any post you are working on.  For example, as I am writing this post I can go over to convertkit and grab the embed code from one of the forms I like and paste it in right here.  Here is what the code looks like.  “convertkit form=5128826”.  You also have to add brackets “[    ]” around it.  I left that out so you could see the code instead of the form that is shown below.


These are my favorite because they have to choose to do it or not.

Pop-ups have always been very effective because they are also in your face.

If you have a lot of people leaving your website due to the pop-up you might need to rethink this approach and go with a softer style.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages can be a great way to convince readers to leave their contact information.

A couple options are Convertkit, Clickfunnels and LeadPages they all provide you with analytics that helps you track how well your pages are converting as well as options to split test.


The best option is to start out with ConvertKit and start setting up your opt-ins.  This will give you a great baseline as you continue to grow your list.

I threw a lot at you and now I am asking you for a favor.  To bless my family with income I ask you to use my link to purchase.  It doesn’t affect your price but brings many blessings to my family. 

Here is the link   = Click Here to Signup for ConvertKit 

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