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Pay Off High Interest Debt and Then Invest Wisely

If you’re drowning in high interest debt yet realize the need for saving it’s a tough row to hoe on how to accomplish this, but not impossible. Most high interest debt is created by shiny, easy to use credit cards that come with the promise of building up air or cruise miles. You get one air mile for each dollar spent. Some even promise money back. Hey, that could be good. At least you get something back for spending your money through them. Check out the interest […]

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Working Toward Financial Freedom

It’s a sad fact that most people aren’t just lacking wealth, but they’re burdened by debt, not making enough money, and suffering from anxiety over their finances. For some, it will always be a struggle. They’ll never learn how to eliminate what they owe and earn enough money to experience wealth in their lives. All of that could change if they made an effort – but they don’t. Some of it’s due to ignorance about how to implement a plan that would offer them financial freedom. They […]

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Life After Debt

Understanding why you fell into the deep chasm of debt in the first place is the first step in resolving your issues with debt and building wealth for the future. Know that getting out from under the stigma of being in overwhelming debt can take years. During the years of clawing your way out of the stigma of debt, it can be tempting to get back into debt with offers of credit cards and mismanaging your money – once again. Getting in debt again too soon can […]

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